If you are interested in joining my team, I would be so honoured to have you!

My primary goal is to help you on your oily journey, whether that is to learn how to use your oils for personal use or to create an income by growing a team of your own. 

Just by joining with a wholesale membership, you will gain access to beautiful resources and a community of equally passionate oilers.

I would love to support you on your journey!  To enrol with me as your mentor, click this link and make sure the number 11782721 appears in both the enroller and sponsor ID  fields.  


Option one:  Wholesale customer

Signing up for wholesale/distributors, you will get 24% off retail prices which is incentive alone!

Even if you never want to sell - wholesale is the way to go!!!

If you sign up as a distributor and are actively purchasing, you have the option of joining a members only facebook group.  If you are interested in sharing Young Living, I am passionate about helping you to earn an income! (even if it just means you get your products for free every month!)  

If you are joining my team, two things that I recommend: 

One is purchasing the Premium Starter Kit and and the other is picking an Essential Rewards kit.

Make sure you choose the wholesale option for those lower ordering prices! By purchasing a rewards kit you are signing up for a monthly ordering program that gives you the ability to earn points for free products, enjoy reduced shipping costs, and plan out your family’s oily budget. Plus if you are a part of this monthly program you are able to receive commissions when growing your own business. (although you are still not obligated to sell oils).

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  • There is no renewal fee. Simply purchase a minimum of 50pv per year (roughly $70) to keep your account active. Young Living also has amazing options for clean, toxin-free home and personal care items such as toothpaste, vitamins, shampoo and soaps, cleaning and skin care products, all based on essential oil therapeutic properties. 

  • There is no order minimum! Order whenever you like, as often as you like at 24% off retail prices.

  • Although wholesale customers are also called “Distributors” you are not signing up to sell oils and there is absolutely no pressure to do so. If you do want to make this a business I am happy to help you and give you resources, just let me know if that is your intention!

  • You will receive a member number to share with friends, and if they use your referral, you’ll receive compensation. This is a great perk because once you start using these oils, you will definitely want to share your favorites with your friends and family!

Option two:  Retail Customer

No starter kit required.  Order products whenever you would like (but pay full retail).

I love that these are both options because it makes it all about the products without any pressure whatsoever to “share” oils. However, I doubt you would  regret enrolling as a wholesale customer (“Distributor”). The Starter Kit investment is very quickly recovered with the savings off of retail pricing. 

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essential rewards

When checking out with your starter kit, feel free to select "no thank you" for the Essential Rewards or customize your own.

Red hot tip: If you order a minimum 300pv order on your initial essential rewards order you will receive the Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop Diffuser for FREE!  I did this and with the additional PV promotions I ended up receiving around $1200 worth of products for about $500

If you are unsure about which products to purchase, please reach out to me and we can get together (in person, by phone or skype) and I will help you work out which products you will personally get the most from!

I signed up for ER and strongly recommend it! You get 10% back in points for the first 3 months, 20% back from 4-12 months, then a whopping 25% back from the 13th month onwards and can purchase products that you would be buying anyway (shampoo, soap, cleaner) as well as try new oils, get discounted shipping, TONS of free products and more! This is the perfect way to build your wellness cabinet and/or create a chemical-free home. 


You do NOT have to sign up with a package, you can tailor it to meet your wishes. Note: this is the only way to make commissions if you are interested in building a business. BUT if you sign up for ER, you do not have to make this into a business or sell oils, ever! 


Also, you can cancel at any time!

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